Jackson County Pageants

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Pageant Committee

Debbie Dryden

Tiffany Garling

Stacy Larkin

Kris Sampson

2017 - 2018 Queens

Miss Jackson County

Alexandria Hencley

Junior Miss Jackson County

Amiya Summerwell

Little Miss Jackson County

Brooklyn May

Welcome to Jackson County, Florida where locals greet friends and strangers with a nod of the head and a wave of the hand. Southern style. It is time to show off the uniqueness bound with natural springs, caves, history, agriculture and the only walking tour of underground caves in the state.

Andrew Jackson carried a vision when he passed a bill in 1822 to create a third county in Florida, which he named after himself. Our county, Jackson County, was carved from the two existing counties — St. Johns and Escambia — and our leaders soon developed a vision of their own.

Settlers formed the town of Webbville in January 1827, which was located 9 miles northwest of present-day Marianna. Webbville became our new county’s seat.

Robert Beveridge, a Scotland native, created Marianna in September from one of three 80-acre land tracts he purchased. He and other Marianna settlers traveled to Tallahassee and convinced state leaders to make Marianna the new seat of Jackson County with the promise of free land, construction of a courthouse and a public square. Florida legislative leaders could not refuse. Marianna and Jackson County became the heart of what would become known as the Florida Panhandle.

Today, our county is home to almost 50,000 residents, with Marianna as the main hub. About a dozen other small towns surround Marianna, varying in size from 200 to 3,000 people. Each town has a history and story of its own.

Almost 150 years after Jackson County and Marianna were born, our city leaders, county leaders and residents possess a new vision for Jackson County. This vision involves improving our county and creating dynamic communities based on a healthy local economy with a sound, clean environment surrounding it all.

Most of our residents and visitors cherish the natural beauty that is such a large part of Jackson County. It exists everywhere—and not just in the obvious places such as the Chipola River or Florida Caverns State Park. The Chipola River has been a favorite swimming hole and fishing spot for many of our lifelong county residents, while another unique place is a park built around the only tour cave in Florida, which attracts thousands of visitors here each year.

Natural beauty can be found just by taking a ride down one of Jackson County’s many rural roads, driving by wide-open peanut fields with daisies growing along the fence line, or watching a group of horses chase each other on a small farm.